Friday, May 01, 2009

No Wonder Chrysler/Kenosha Is History

It's been reported in the JSOnline that Chrysler's Kenosha engine works is closing--sooner or later, but in the next 6-18 months.

There's a reason for that. condition of Fiat boosting its stake in Chrysler from 20% to 35% is that Fiat-Chrysler build a 40-miles-per-gallon car in the United States.

Yes, the U.S. government, as a quid pro quo for surrendering more control of Chrysler to Fiat, is dictating what kind of cars must be built

Kenosha makes a damn fine 6-banger. There is no way that a 6-banger will gin up 40MPG, unless it's the drive force on a bicycle. And Fiat is not going to capitalize a new-engine production line in Kenosha when it needs to extract profit....NOW....from Chrysler.

HT: Moonbattery


Steve Burri said...

The model that they intend to build here is the 'Mussolini.'

Billiam said...

The closest I was ever able to come to 40mpg with a 6, was that 3.5 in the Malibu Maxx. With real gas, the non-corn-a-hol variety, at 65, I managed 37.2 on one trip.