Saturday, May 02, 2009

The "New Professionalism" of Floriduh Cops

This doesn't speak real well of the Palm Beach LEO's.

Retired firefighter is reported armed and suicidal. Officers knock on door and he opens it, apparently with one hand holding a cell phone, the other turning the knob, and a long arm tucked under his arm so as to free up both hands. Whereupon they shoot him in the head. And charge him with attempted murder, since a second officer took a shot on his shield. Then it turns out the second officer was shot by another officer...

Oh, yes, it gets worse.

The civilian goes to the hospital and eventually dies.

Shortly after he died, V.J. Adkins went to her son's room to pay her "last respects" but police had the room cordoned off and wouldn't let her in, Aronberg said.

"They're calling it a crime scene and saying it is protocol."

Sheriff's office spokesman Deputy Eric Davis said this morning that the hospital room was sealed because Adkins "was still in our custody."

S'pose they'll release him when he's 6 feet under? Or not?

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