Friday, May 01, 2009

The New Glock: Not So Reliable?

Interesting discussion going on at Patrick's place. Here's what started it off--a statement from MPD Chief "Put-em-down" Flynn.

“We believed that replacing the questionable magazines would provide an adequate and timely remedy to the problem. Glock replaced 2,700 pistol magazines at no cost to MPD. During the transition to the new magazines, however, additional malfunctions were reported on the range, including failure to eject and failure to extract. Our research indicates there have been no problems with the Smith and Wesson M & P .40 caliber. The switch-out will be done at no cost to the Department.”

Well. That's major.

The best 'splanation was in the combox, from Andy K:

The issues with the G22 pistol are with the new frame style. The frame is the lower half (plastic) part of the pistol. The MPD pistols purchased in 1992 are not having problems according to anecdotal knowledge and what is listed in the issued memos

...In other cities it was first blamed on the flashlights attached to the pistol. Then the bullet weight or brand of the ammo. Then the weak-wristed shooter. In reality, it appears to be an engineering problem in the design of the new frames.

Glock had a virtual lock on the LEO market for many, many years. It appears that those days have come to an end.

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