Saturday, May 02, 2009

Mikie-Boy Kinsley Goes All Man-Like

...well, at least Mikie-boy tries.

The trouble with this desire for retribution isn't that it goes too far. The trouble is that it doesn't go far enough. There is another group -- a large one -- that stood by doing nothing while Americans grabbed people off the streets of foreign countries, took them to other foreign countries (because we don't allow this sort of thing in the United States!) and tortured them until they said whatever our government wanted to hear. If you're going to punish people for condoning torture, you'd better include the American citizenry itself.

Well, Mikie-boy, I'm here waiting for you to come and get me. It's possible that I'm here only because the US Gummint did what it had to do to fulfill its PRIMARY purpose: defending the shores.

So I'm here, Mikie-boy. Just look for the "NRA" sticker on the door.

HT: Ace

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Deekaman said...

Bring it. Sissies.