Monday, May 11, 2009

Lessons Learned by Conservatives

Prof. Jacobson (Cornell Law) boils it all down under "lessons learned" resulting from his post on DijonGate.

The nutroots move in crowds
The nutroots mistake anonymity for bravery
The nutroots consider distortion an art
The nutroots preach tolerance to mask intolerance
The nutroots are unhappy people who hate happy people
The nutroots have no originality and hate original thoughts
The nutroots need new enemies daily
The nutroots do not know any of the above
The mainstream media is no better
Starting this blog was necessary, for all of the above reasons
Continuing this blog is even more necessary, for all the above reasons



Jay Bullock said...

Wait. I'm confused. Are the "nuts" the people who obsessed over a condiment, or the people who laughed at those obsessing over a condiment?

Dad29 said...

"I'm confused."

Truer words were never spoken, Jay.

It's about the people at MSNBC who obsessed over deleting tape of The One ordering the condiment.

grumps said...

But we dare not listen to the Perfesser because all them academic types are librul eleets.