Friday, May 08, 2009

How Will Doyle Punish the Taxpayers?

It seems clear that Three-Card-Monte Doyle, having run out of tricks and deceptions, will now lay off and/or unpaid-furlough a few hundred State employees.

Knowing Doyle and the AFSCME, however, they'll do their damndest to make it painful for State residents/taxpayers.

He could cut people who actually serve the public on the front lines, such as DOT license-renewal people and drivers' license examiners. That way, you could wait several hours in lines, not just an hour or so.

He could cut unemployment-comp processors. That way some folks could be evicted or starve before obtaining their benefits.

He could cut highway-repair budgets, so your car could disappear into the potholes whole and entire. (At least you wouldn't have to worry about license-plate renewals, eh?)

He could cut DNR staffers who take reservations for campgrounds. That way, you won't be able to see the ONE-SIXTH of Wisconsin acreage owned by the State. (But hey! You could do your camp-outs at the DOT offices, instead!!)

He WILL cut back State aids to municipalities. That way, your alderman and mayor will get hung (maybe in effigy only, if they're lucky) for failure to repair potholes and stuff.

He will NOT cut back on his pension payments, nor his salary, nor State funds dedicated to his lifestyle, like the Governor's mansion or his large Capitol Police armed-guard cadre. (What--Doyle cut his own lawn? Pay for his own golf-club membership? Drive his own car? Be serious.)

He will NOT cut back the State's contribution to state-employees' health insurance.

He will NOT engage outside "lean"-engineering people to make State operations efficient, nor efficacious. He will NOT force State agencies to consolidate their computer operations under DOA.

He WILL make you sorry that he's the Governor.

As soon as he can blame it on Busssshhhhhhh. Or Cheney. Or the Republican minority in the Legislature.

OR the TEA Party people.


Anonymous said...

This member of the state IT committee must chime in. We DON'T want computers under DOA!

Lemme see here. They pay $1400 for a notebook computer. I can get a better one at Best Buy for under $500 and replace them once with a newer, upgraded model for the same price within the life cycle of the $1400 machine the purchasing monkeys bought.

You want to save taxpayer money? Then give the challenge to front-line state employees and tell the bosses to shut the phuck up.

Dad29 said...

Fine with me!!

capper said...

I thought I was reading Walker's plan for when and if he can steal the election. (Steal because there's no way he is going to win a fair vote, even in the primary.)