Saturday, May 02, 2009

Hope You Republicans Pay Attention

Happened to catch the Glenn Beck show this afternoon (it's a re-run of yesterday's offering.)

(Capper: Channel 10 was running a food show.)

Beck found 100 or so people who attended TEA Parties and went through a few questions. The responses to these two were interesting.

1) Who among you trusts Washington?

2) Who among you believes the Republican Party is better than the Democrats? (paraphrased...)

ZERO hands went up for either question.

Have fun at the State Convention in LaX! And be sure to let Mike Steele and Reince know about the Beck show...


Billiam said...

The ONLY difference between the Republicans and Democrats lately is what type of big government they want. They both spend like drunken sailors, lie like the bastards they are, and grab more power for DC. They are the same monster, but, the monster has 2 heads.

John Foust said...

Who among you trusts Glenn Beck?