Sunday, May 17, 2009

Front-Page Fake-Science Whine

Go ahead. Read this article.

It consists of a few thousand words which I will condense for you:


The term "peer-reviewed" doesn't appear in that article, does it?

Then re-read this post.

Note that the JS article cites the "Environmental Working Group"--which makes up "science" for the benefit of trial lawyers. It's like a lot of other front groups--except it's better-connected, using a big-time Lefty PR outfit, Fenton Communications. (The matrix includes George Soros and the Tides Foundation.)

Or maybe it was created by the big-time lefty PR outfit?

The BPA saga illustrates Fenton's reach. A Fenton-allied group sponsors the study. Fenton drums up press coverage. A second Fenton-connected group stirs up grass-roots anger. And then a big Fenton client, the trial lawyers, swoop in to demand billions of dollars in damages.

Science has nothing to do with this, folks.

This is another lesson in "follow the money."

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Deekaman said...

BPA and (alleged) AGW are two of literally hundreds of hoaxes perpetrated on humans by the Leftists in Big Environmental (feel free to use the term without paying me royalties). None of the doomsday scenarios they keep throwing out there ever come to fruition. Alas, the collective social memory is only as long as the last episode of Idol.