Friday, May 08, 2009

The Elephant Groaned Mightily

Does this guy actually think THAT little of the American public?

The President orders the trumpeters to the ramparts and announces that he and his team of crack 'budget hawks' found $17 Billion worth of programs to eliminate.

Pardon me for snickering. Billy Mays' commercials have more gravitas.

First off, the $17Bn WILL be spent--on other programs, to be sure, but it WILL be spent. That's the law, as passed by Congress. See "Budget Resolution."

Secondly, as reported:

The cuts amount to half of one percent of the entire budget, or just over 1.4 percent of the 1.171-trillion-dollar deficit the administration projects for 2010.

If Obama wants to retain a shred of cred, he should leave this stuff to Sancho Biden.

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steveegg said...

When I commented on this, I said that the "cut" represents a change of the increase in spending from a roughly 10% increase to a roughly 10% increase.