Tuesday, May 12, 2009

California Previews Wisconsin?

Ahhhhhhnold, the Lefty who calls himself "Republican," has a Doylie problem: a deficit which is monstrous.

To resolve it, Ahhhhhhnold and his Lefty pals have put Prop 1A on the ballot--a series of huge tax hikes. And they are flogging for passage with all the band playing, loudly.

Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom and every other would be Democratic governor are watching their chances in '10 swirl down the drain as deep disgust with the tax-addicted grows.

On the GOP side, Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner --the leading candidates to replace Arnold-- are against Prop 1A, the biggest of the tax hikes, and the deep revulsion at the refusal of the Sacramento elite to make even minor cuts in the bloated state budget is forcing a realignment that east coast political reporters ought to take note of

Everyone has a story of a state or county employee friend who is retiring at 55 with a guaranteed life pension of $75,000 or more plus gold-plated medical benefits. Almost everyone knows that massive amounts of money have flowed into Los Angeles public schools and still half of the kids drop out. Majorities realize that businesses don't have to operate here, and that places like Texas may lack the Rose Parade but let you grow a business and keep most of the profits.

You don't have to change many words in that last graf to make it fit "Wisconsin." Retirements are almost as generous for State, County, and Muni employees; MPS is a sewer-drain for tax money, and hey! businesses are already leaving Wisconsin (ever hear of Simplicity? GM? Tower Automotive? Where is the world headquarters of Harnischfeger? Milwaukee Electric Tool?)

At least Californians get to vote.

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