Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Blatant Racial Bigotry of the Left

Took a business trip the other day, and on the return swing we drove past Messmer High. I pointed it out to my out-of-town guest and told him the story, briefly.

'Messmer was losing the Lefty Archbishop of Milwaukee, Rembert Weakland, decided to shut it down. Only a large gift from a right-wing activist (Harry John) allowed it to remain open. Today it prospers. But that's only Chapter One.

'The Lefty Governor of the State of Wisconsin, Doyle, also threatened Messmer High with a proposal to cap or reduce "Choice" dollars, and only a campaign organized by the right-wing activists (including Charlie Sykes) allowed it to remain as it is...and that campaign included the most powerful advertisement aired in Wisconsin in the last 50 years: "...Don't Stand in the Schoolhouse Door."'

That was what I told him.

By co-incidence, McCain points us to another telling essay on the blatant racial bigotry of the Left.

Take TBogg's post yesterday, for example, and his Sambo logo above.

If any conservative blogger or columnist were to post a black Sambo eating a watermelon the entire netroots would erupt in feigned outrage at the modern day lynching. But it's standard operating procedure on the left. Michael Steele was attacked as Sambo himself. And recall Jane Hamsher's blackface attack on Senator Joseph Lieberman. And via Memeorandum, Roy Erdoso's literally got a post up this morning entitled "Black Comedy," calling out Red State's outstanding post which hammers President Barack Obama's shameful hypocrisy and malign neglect for black kids in D.C.'s school voucher program.

The truth is that leftists don't care about the advancement of minorities, they care about the advancement of their own power.

Just co-incidence, folks.


Steve Burri said...

Indeed. As Popeye would say... Co-winkie-DINKS.

Amy said...

Much like slave owners, the left feels that blacks and other racial/ethnic groups (along with women) are their property, not their constituency.

Ergo, their deplorable treatment of said racial/ethnic groups and women who "stray" from the party line and, for example, embrace conservatism.