Sunday, May 03, 2009

Analysis of Obama and Wolverine Alert!

Steyn, of course.

...The theater of thoughtfulness is critical to the president's success. He has the knack of appearing moderate while acting radical, which is a lethal skill. The thoughtful look suckered many of my more impressionable conservative comrades last fall, when David Brooks and Christopher Buckley were cranking out gushing paeans to Obama's "first-class temperament" – temperament being to the Obamacons what Nick Jonas' hair is to a Tiger Beat reporter. But the drab reality is that the man they hail – Brooks & Buckley, I mean; not the Tiger Beat crowd – is a fantasy projection. There is no Obama The Sober Centrist,...

Delightful writing. Even better insight.

Then the warning flag consisting of a red field surrounding a black circle:

But underneath the thoughtful look is a transformative domestic agenda that represents a huge annexation of American life by an ever more intrusive federal government. One cannot but admire the singleminded ruthlessness with which Obama is getting on with it, even as he hones his contemplative unhurried moderate routine on prime time news conferences.

It's what the TEA Party people saw, although less choate. And yes, the parabolic curve began a long time ago--Lincoln, perhaps. It was not a pure parabola; there were lumps with Wilson, Hoover, FDR, Nixon, and Bush II.

But now that curved line has become virtually perpendicular.


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