Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ammo Still Hard to Get

Short article in a West Virginia newspaper:

“It isn’t necessarily because they (gun owners) are afraid of the government putting taxes on it. It’s because of the president we elected,” said Marlin Douglas of Douglas Sporting Goods in Princeton. “Right now, I can’t buy a small handgun from any of my suppliers because they’re totally out. It’s due to the fact of electing a president who has been a strong advocate to get rid of guns.”

The public has responded by purchasing more firearms; even people who did not own a gun are buying one, Douglas said. Demand for bullets of all calibers and shotgun shells has increased.

...Stores in Virginia are also seeing consumers hoard ammunition

Yup. Was at the local Gander Mountain to buy a rain/shine hat, and joked with the checkout clerk that I would return to buy some ammo.

She told me "You'd better come in on Tuesday. That's the only day we have any--right after the delivery truck drops it off, it's all gone."

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