Friday, May 15, 2009

"All-Solar House" (Whoopsie...)

Should you laugh or cry?

It was supposed to be a shining example of the green movement — a completely independent solar-powered house with no gas or electrical hookups.

Seven months ago, officials gathered for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the $900,000 house owned by the city of Troy that was to be used as an educational tool and meeting spot.
But it never opened to the public. And it remains closed.

Frozen pipes during the winter caused $16,000 in damage to floors, and city officials aren’t sure when the house at the Troy Community Center will open…

“The system was designed to kick a heater on to keep water from freezing,” [the superintendent of parks for the city] said. “The heater drew all reserve power out of the battery causing the system to back down and the pipes froze.”

JunkScience tells us that this "house" is 800 square feet. Divide $900K by 800 square feet and what do you get?

Government Health Care!


Deekaman said...

Because leftys have no conception of money or economics, they have no problem with a ridiculously priced house that meets their agenda.

John Foust said...

The original story says the house was a project for students at the tech college, and they paid for it. It also says "Joe Veryser, an associate dean of architecture at the university, said he heard otherwise. "What I heard repeatedly was that somebody turned off the breaker during the winter and forgot to turn it back on, which caused the pipes to freeze and then break." "