Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What A Legacy!

I won't take responsibility for leaving this to my children.

Washington's energy and environment policy risks plunging the US into an economic tailspin that could turn it into "the world's cleanest third world country", one of the US oil industry's most successful chief executives has warned.

James Hackett, chairman and chief executive of Anadarko, one of the US's largest independent oil and gas companies, said in an interview: "The histrionic and maniacal focus on carbon dioxide is intellectually repugnant to me."

That TEA Party ain't just for Porkulus, Three-Card-Monte Doyle, and tax increases, folks.

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Anthony said...

Just an update on the Madistan Tea Party:

Neither the Capital Times nor the Journal Sentinel has any website coverage of the event (as of 10:35 AM).

This tidbit is interesting to note considering the crowd is assumed to be the largest Wisconsin rally on record (outside of a political campaign).

MSM just washing away any dissent.