Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Rally

The TEA Party was delightful, and the speakers were just dandy. Mercifully brief, but sharp-edged and to the point.

Paul Ryan is exceptional. Keep your eyes on that guy.

My traveling partner/tour guide and I walked the perimeter a couple of times and estimated about 4,000. Mark Block estimated 5,000. There were a LOT of Capitol Police hanging around--obviously, they had read and took seriously the Obama/Napolitano/Southern Poverty Law Center "report" which ID'd every single person at that rally as a dangerous, radical, violent subversive.

None of that crowd was nearly as dangerous, radical, or subversive as Three-Card-Monte Doyle, Governor of Wisconsin.

It was gratifying to note that the average age of the crowd was about 40 years old or so; there were a lot of young people (one spoke, and was crackerjack.)

It won't have an immediate impact, of course. The Extreme Left dominates the State and Federal governments' legislative and executive branches at this time.

But there will be another TEA Party, July 4th. Maybe there will be fireworks, too!!

Speculate with me: which will be the next major company to pull out of Wisconsin? We discussed that on the return trip, and Belling mentioned Menard's.....not our choice, by the way, but a very good possibility.


Anonymous said...

Tell me, DaddyZero -- was that YOU with the large "Obama's Plan: White Slavery" sign? Not too subtle, do you think?

Phelony Jones said...

Thank you for going out there today and representing hard working Americans who are tired of a non-productive government that feels entitled to the fruits of OUR labor. So many of us could not go, but believe you me, July 4th will be an entirely different story.