Tuesday, April 07, 2009

We Don't Need No Steeenking "Defense": Obama

The Obama/Gates plan to 'alter' missile-defense spending has run into snags--namely, Palin and Lieberman.

There will be more.

Clearly, Obama has yapped from both sides of his mouth (but not in "Austrian") about this.

Candidate Obama made a video in response to Caucus4Priorities. “I will cut investments in unproven missile defense systems,” Obama said.

As opposed to:

When Obama won the party’s nomination for president, his platform promised he would “support missile defense, but ensure that it is developed in a way that is pragmatic and cost-effective, and, most importantly, does not divert resources from other national security priorities until we are positive the technology will protect the American people.”

Leave aside the "unproven" canard--the systems DO work, and there's video.

We just hung Poland, Czechoslovakia, Greece, and Israel out to dry, and possibly Alaska, California, and Hawaii, not to mention Japan, South Korea, and a few other spots in the Pacific.

What's more, Obama doesn't refer to "unproven" when yapping about Keynesian theory, or about GummintCare, or about AGW, or CO2-heating-theories, all of which bring lots of baggage regarding "proof."

But then, there are priorities.

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