Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"Watchmen" Validates Original Sin

...at least according to Burri's review.

You’d think that intelligent, educated people should be able to look at the past and realize: we can’t control everything. And yet, a significant portion of our political landscape thinks it knows exactly how to make the world better. In grand sweeps and broad strokes, they'll change the world!

We’ll all be happier, can’t you see? The world will be friendlier. The poor will have more. People will be safe from hunger, safe from the cold, safe from illnesses that should have been wiped out decades ago (except malaria).

If only they could do things their way; if everyone would just fall into place and give them what they need…this time it’ll work.

History says otherwise. Human nature says otherwise. Yet people – intelligent, educated people – continue to believe it.

Lance coulda mentioned pride...

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