Saturday, April 11, 2009

Glenn Beck and the "F" Word: Don't Forget Bush!

Around 4:15 yesterday afternoon, I flipped to FoxNews to catch up with the news.

This show was on, instead.

He hosted four authors, each of whom had some very interesting input into the question of fascism-rising here in the US.

You could blame most of it on Wilson, or the Progressive Movement, which was a pre-Nazi/pre-Planned Parenthood eugenics bunch.

What Beck fails to mention, though, is the GWBush (and Bush Elder) Big Gummint sympathies. BushElder was a committed interventionist on the international front, and contributed to the advance of the Leviathan Fed.

His son acted both un-Constitutionally and illegally to give $34Bn to GM and Chrysler. The operating philosophy there was simple: it's legal because we SAY it's legal. They didn't bother (nor did our intrepid Congress) to address the Constitutional question, either.

Stalin would have been proud!


Neo-Con Tastic said...

He is quite the entertainer. I enjoy his stuff but as of late, he's becoming quite the alarmist.

Billiam said...

Actually, he has mentioned Bush the younger in recent weeks/months, as well as on his radio show. Also, don't forget Teddy Roosevelt in the 20th century Progressive sweepstakes.

J. Strupp said...

I'm disappointed in Amity. Her book, The Forgotten Man, is a quality read.

This show was absolute garbage.