Thursday, December 11, 2008

Surprise: It's a Consumption Tax

My prediction was wrong.

Wisconsin Way opts for a consumption-tax formula instead of more income tax.

A diverse coalition of major interest groups on Wednesday unveiled the first draft of a sweeping plan to overhaul the state's tax system and boost economic development.

The Wisconsin Way's Blueprint for Change envisions a tax shift that would reduce property taxes and income taxes - perhaps eliminating the corporate income tax all together - while relying more on sales taxes and user fees.

Right now, the draft is more a collection of ideas than a final set of recommendations, according to coalition members. But while those ideas are being fleshed out, the coalition hopes to use the draft to influence the Legislature's 2009-'11 state budget debate - and to head off any short-term fixes that would threaten the group's long-term goals.

Good luck with that, folks. I think that consumption taxes are the best way to go.

You'll have a fight with the Steve Forbes-ites around the State, but hey! You'll have a bigger fight just in attempting a reform of Wisconsin's budget process.


Dan said...

Boy, if you believe this statement, then you are just about as gulliable as they come. Only an idiot would belive that by reforming the consumption tax that it will decrease the income and property tax and eliminate the corporation tax

Anonymous said...

Fair Tax baby!

We have to punish consumption, not production....