Tuesday, December 09, 2008

"WI Way" Warning

We've mentioned this bunch before.

The Wisconsin Way hopes the politically astute group that gathered to produce its report might do better.

The group, a collection of some of the top lobbying organizations in Madison, plans to release its “Draft Blueprint for Change” this week.

Want a real kick-in-the-teeth hint about what the group might recommend? Then first read its membership roll:

The group, put together in spring 2007, includes: the Wisconsin Counties Association, the Wisconsin REALTORS Association, the Wisconsin Education Association Council, the Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association, the Wisconsin Transportation Development Association, the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, and Wood Communications Group

Kinda dominated by tax-takers, no?

So we know, with certainty, that there will be no significant "STOP SPENDING" thoughts here.

What else do you need to know? Here it is:

Theo said as the groups studied their own polling and state demographic trends, they realized “we have a train wreck coming” because the state’s tax system is too reliant on property taxes. That’s a problem in a state with a population that by 2025 will have a significant number of retirees living on fixed incomes.

For those of you who attended the PublickScrewels, that means (ta-da!) INCOME TAX hikes for all, and prop-tax goes way, way, way down.

I'm sure that increasing the income tax will be just the ticket for retaining or growing the non-elderly/non-fixed-income population of this State. /sarcasm

HT: Jo Egelhoff

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