Tuesday, December 09, 2008

FoMoCo: "No, Thanks" on the Bailout?

We mentioned somewhere or another that Ford Motor Company was easily the best-managed of the Big 2.00000000000012.

Seems that may actually be the case:

The Ford Motor Company announced Monday evening that it would not seek short-term federal aid, denying that it faced the same “near-term liquidity issue” as G.M. and Chrysler.

Making Barney Bozo or Queen Nancy the Chairman of the FoMoCo Board ....not priceless enough.

HT: The Big Picture


Shoebox said...

If this holds...any bets on which of the 3 are around 10 years from now?

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Stock jumped from two bucks a share to four bucks a share. Don't be surprised to see that around ten dollars a share inside of twelve months, maybe better. Selling off Volvo for $6bn doesn't hurt. Thats after selling off 21% stake in Mazda, dropping from 33% stake to 11%. They have plenty of cash...

alyysa said...

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