Thursday, December 11, 2008

Car Dealer Silly Talk: Bergstrom

Umnnnhhhh.....John.....your statement doesn't make sense.

John Bergstrom called on Congress to approve loans for the auto industry that would help keep people employed at dealerships, auto-parts suppliers and vehicle assembly plants.

Tell me how that works, John.

Taxpayers are not buying cars, so the Gummint should send a buncha taxpayer money to the manufacturers, so that what, exactly, will happen??

Bergstrom said his company is evaluating the possibility of layoffs to reflect projections of lower industry sales and in light of that General Motors Corp. is considering alternatives for the Saturn brand. Bergstrom has eight Saturn dealerships across the state

I see. You bought a bunch of stuff that nobody else wants; so you want to take money from taxpayers so that taxpayers will buy the stuff you have (which they don't want to buy.)

Right-o, John.


Headless Blogger said...

The best bail-out idea* that I've heard is for Congress to offer cheap loans and rebates to buyers of U.S. cars. That's about the only way they'll sell any of those cars.

Go ahead Congress, offer me a deal on a CTS too good to pass up. I dare you.

*Leave it to an engineer to come up with a solution that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

I double-dog dare Congress to give me a deal on a Mustang GT. Of course, they're more likely to go back to the disastrous, Mustang II (specifically, the V-8-less 1974 version).

Headless Blogger said...

Steve - We also covered that yesterday. The rate for the loans will be proportional to the vehicle's fuel economy and rebates will be inversely proportional. For example:

Hybrid Pinto: 0% and $5,000 rebate.
Mustang GT: 18% and $0 rebate.

I hope that was helpful.

Anonymous said...

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