Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Ed Flynn: Facilitator?

Anyone familiar with Alcoholics Anonymous knows the term "facilitator." That's an individual who either passively or actively supports (or does not oppose) the behavior of an alcoholic.

So when MPD Chief Ed Flynn talks about "investing in The Children," he becomes a facilitator.

“Part of my job as a respectable law enforcement officer is not just to deal with the here and now but the long term,” he said. “Some of the investments we talk about are investing in Head Start, quality daycare, home visits and parental training and after-school activities.”

Yes. Those will undoubtedly, without question, absolutely, positively, reduce crime.


Chief Flynn doesn't mention FATHERS, does he? MARRIAGE? High-school COMPLETION? Keeping an aspirin between one's knees prior to MARRIAGE?

Nah. "Investment" is easier. Simply write a check on the taxpayer's account.


capper said...

Actually, those programs have been proven to be effective in reducing crime.

And they would help lead to those things that you think would work.

The horse does work better when it is put before the cart.

alyysa said...

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