Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Culprit: Children's Hospital of Milwaukee?

Capper knows this system very well--he works for Milwaukee County.

This bit of info is intriguing:

I feel I need to point out that both the foster worker and the licensing worker work for the same private agency, which is a subsidiary of Children's Hospital. It is unclear if the private agency has undertaken these punitive actions on their own, or if it was under the directions of Denise Revels Robinson...

This is anent the Christopher Thomas death/Logan family adoption controversy.

Capper also claims that the whole tragedy is a result of "privatization" which "causes a lack of accountability."

On that score, Capper is wrong. "Lack of accountability" is not "caused" by "privatization." It is caused by the failure to demand accountability (whether in public or private agencies or businesses.) In other words, there is no punishment for mal- or mis-feasance.

Having said that, one wonders if the Children's Hospital executives are going to demand accountability...or if they are just going to continue building new hospitals.

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