Wednesday, December 03, 2008

DNR: Arrogant at Best

Besides proposing to drop $650K or so to buy a bunch of weeds and grass, your DNR (Damn Near Russia) is now working on winning the Arrogance Crown from contenders such as Nancy Pelosi (I Wanna Biggest Airplane) and Harry Reid (Citizen/Tourists Smell Bad).

Heady company, indeed!

“The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is asking for a $27.3 million increase in its 2009-11 biennial budget, according to Department of Administration documents released this past week.”

Perhaps the Arrogantistas at DNR are immune from budget-cutting? Is that only for the serfs/taxpayers?

One doubts that Jim Doyle will do what is best here--which is to reduce DNR's budget by 10% from the 07/09 allocation, and to fire the Arrogantista-In-Charge of DNR.

But hey, we'll make the suggestion anyway.

HT: Kevin

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