Monday, September 15, 2008

Money, Money, Who's Got the Money?

The Republican Party has the money, that's who.

DNC spokeswoman Karen Finney says the party raised more than $17 million and has $17.5 million on hand, having spent more than $28 million last month, largely on the Democrats' ground game.

That cash figure is a fraction of the $110 million a Republican official says it has, which includes transfers of money McCain is no longer allowed to spend and money from state fundraising vehicles.

As to Obama's fundraising:

Byron York quotes the campaign as having $77 million cash on hand after August. That sounds impressive, but they had almost $66 million at the end of July. They had a burn rate of over 80%, which explains why the campaign may have seemed desperate to the New York Times. In order to make this decision work for Obama, they have to do better than $66 million a month if they want to cover the cost of fundraising as well as make up for the deficit between the DNC and the RNC

Hubris. Exactly why HRC is not on the ticket.

HT: RedStates

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Jeff Miller said...

Certainly the dumbest decision Obama made was not to pick Hillary.

Well I for one am darn happy Hillary isn't on the ticket which would have been the Democrats perfect storm against the GOP.

Though I have wondered how long will it take for a leak that Biden once had electro-shock therapy or some equivalent so that he can step down.