Monday, September 15, 2008

ATTN: Wis D of Revenue: New Taxpayers!!

Headless did a bunch of 'net-cruising and has a question. UPDATE: SEE COMBOX!

Can Wisconsin voter registration records be cross checked to find voters who have not filed Wisconsin income tax returns or obtained Wisconsin driver's licenses? There is a revenue source here that needs to be tapped.

This would be, by and large, college students who register and vote HERE while having legal residence someplace else.

The League of Women Voters' "Ask Abby" advice on that issue is pertinent, and possibly misleading.

Or maybe not. Headless also discovered the WI Statutes which are contradictory (!!)...see combox.


Headless Blogger said...

Dad - I made it to the WI statutes today, Para. 6.10(4) is pertinent and agrees with the LWV advise column. The money sentence.

"The residence of an unmarried person in a transient vocation, a teacher or a student who boards at different places for part of the week, month or year, if one of the places is the residence of the person’s parents, is the place of the parents’ residence unless through registration or similar act the person elects to establish a residence elsewhere."

However, para. 6.10(8) contradicts 6.10(4)

"(8) No person gains a residence in any ward or election district of this state while there for temporary purposes only."

Para. 6.10(4) does support my contention that WI voter registration will make you a Wisconsinite, consistent with the State & IRS tax codes.

HeatherRadish said...

The residence of an unmarried person in a transient vocation

That feels like a violation of my 13th Amendment rights.