Monday, September 15, 2008

Clay Cramer Discovers the H-1B Problem

Many of you know that Clay Cramer is a blogger, history buff, advocate for the mentally-disabled, and allaround good guy. He's also a systems engineer--correction: WAS a systems engineer for Hewlett-Packard.

Like a lot of other H-P folks, Cramer was recently laid off.

Then he discovered an advertisement in his local newspaper.

From H-P.

Looking for systems engineers.

In light of the big layoff at HP in Boise that included at least many dozens, and perhaps hundreds of software engineers, I was quite interested to see on the Idaho Department of Labor website, this position listed: Computer Software Engineers, Systems Software [in Boise, where Cramer used to work.]

He did a little homework:

I have now heard back from the contact at HP in Cupertino who is responsible for reading those resumes. Her signature block on her email includes HP Americas Immigration Consultant/Contingent

And with a little MORE homework, finds this:

To quote from the GAO report H1B Foreign Workers, an employer making a Labor Conditions Application for H1B visas for specialized workers must certify, among other facts:

the employment of H-1B workers will not adversely affect the workingconditions of other workers similarly employed in the area

Welcome to the world of Labor Arbitrage, Clayton!

By the way, both Obama and McCain have no proposals which will address this. They're both in the tank for the Microsoft/HP/Silicon Valley position--in effect, that H-1B is a good thing for everyone!

(Unless you are a native American systems engineer.)

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Time for American to distribute their wealth to Indian. Its globalization