Monday, September 01, 2008

The Indecency Boomerang

Modern Commentaries' Amy starts a ball rolling.

I knew when McCain announced Sarah Palin as his running mate, the attacks were going to be vicious. It's only been three days and the liberals are really hitting new lows

Amy cites Comrade Colmes' vacuous and grossly un-informed speculation about the "connection" between water breaking and Downs Syndrome.

Colmes is suggesting Palin caused the Downs by not immediately returning to Alaska when she started labor.

In fact, Palin called her doc and he did NOT recommend 'an immediate return.' More to the point, Downs is genetic. Has nothing whatsoever to do with 'water breaking.' And I can tell you from experience that 'water breaking' is one of MANY signs of impending delivery--but by no means the most important one. (Amy backs that up...)

Then we have the "Grand-daughter" theories:

Bristol Palin was absent from school with mono and - for reasons God only knows - liberals are clamoring for pictures trying to prove Sarah Palin wasn't pregnant, but is covering for her daughter.

Some wackoLefty folks think that because Palin wasn't a balloon in months 7 & 8, that it's clear she wasn't the mom--rather, it was her 16-yo daughter who was the actual Mom.


Amy concludes:

However - by all means - keep it up. There are liberal women out there who'll catch on to your half-assed criticisms of a Palin and realize it's liberals who are the misogynistic pigs and not conservatives. The rest of sane America will also pick up on it and the reaction will not be to your liking. Most people frown on folk who make disabled infants the target of their political mockery

It's worse than that for the Obama ticket, folks. The repercussions will not be just from "liberal women," but from almost every woman in the country, and from almost every man in the country--because these attacks are way, way, way beyond the bounds of decency. Will it change votes? I think that is entirely possible--and I think that it is possible that it will give McCain enough of the muddled middle to win.

Obama already has a "Pelosi Problem," and has scrambled to distance his campaign from Queen Nancy's horrific gaffes on Catholic teaching.

The Palin attacks are not helpful to him, at all.


John Foust said...

Fair enough. Can we just talk about her pregnancy decision-making process? One could also suspect that Palin did not hold her unborn child's life in utmost regard. All those wives who are worked-up about Palin, please raise your hand if you would've made the same decisions? Or can we talk about the daughter who is actually pregnant now? Or that the Palin's press release does not deny the rumor. How well did that abstinence talk work, Sarah? When's Bristol's birthday? And she's "about five months" pregnant now? And Trig was born 4 1/2 months ago?

Dad29 said...

"Pregnancy Decision-Making Process"?

Geez, John, you're off your meds again.

ANd that's about as kind as I can be regarding that ignorant sexist remark.