Monday, September 01, 2008

The Palin-Scott Walker Connection

Well, well.

Here's another Mercer problem.

Recall that name? It's on Scott Walker's "to-do" list, as well.

The state [of Alaska] filed a $1.8 billion malpractice lawsuit Thursday against a consulting firm it claims is a reason Alaska's public employee pension system is in crisis.

The state alleges that Mercer Human Resource Consulting Inc. gave negligent advice and even made basic math errors. Mercer was the state's actuary company and advised Alaska on its public employee and teacher retirement systems for nearly 30 years until being replaced in 2005.

"Fully aware of the billions of dollars at stake, Mercer nevertheless made fundamental errors in methodology and even in basic calculations, and failed to assign competent, experienced personnel to work for the plans," the state charged in its lawsuit.

Seems that the AK Leggies did not authorize $12million for the AK AG to sue Mercer, so Palin went contingency using Paul, Weiss.

Let's hope that Mercer has adequate E&O insurances...

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capper said...

Is Palin also using a "CIA trained" accountant who never had anything to do with the CIA?