Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fairy Tales of 'The One'

Slowly but surely, the Myths & Legends are being deconstructed.

(Fox News Sunday)

David Axelrod: ... One of the first things that Senator Obama did when he came to the U.S. Senate was push for the most far-reaching ethics reforms that we've seen since Watergate. That didn't please people on either side of the aisle, and he has done that consistently in his career. He's reached across party lines to find consensus and he's taken on his own party on issues like, like ethics reform

Wallace: But David, because you guys always talk about ethics legislation and the nuclear non-proliferation deal with Dick Lugar, I went back and looked -- both of those measures passed by unanimous consent. They were so accepted by the Senate that there was not even a vote. In fact, ethics legislation was one of the campaign promises. These were not -- if I may, if I may. These were not areas where Barack Obama went up against the leadership of his own party...

What about that "nuclear arms reach-across" line?

The Soviet-Nuclear Threat Reduction Act passed in 1991(!) and was signed by George H.W. Bush. It was renamed the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction ACT in 1993. It was meant to secure Russia's nuclear stockpile and to help pay for eliminating Russia's excess strategic weapons. By the time that Obama entered the Senate the legislation had mostly accomplished its main goals (securing Soviet nuclear warheads and destroying delivery systems).

Sorta like The One's assertion that he was conceived as a result of Selma (but was actually born four years later, or earlier, or whatever...)

But the O-and-Savior did have some input on the extension of the Act.

What Obama's legislation did was extend and amend this already wildly successful legislation. But the real substance of amendment had nothing to do with nuclear weapons. Just the opposite. The new authorities in Obama's amendment dealt only with conventional weapons

Well. "Nukeleer" and "Conventional" both have the letters "N", "L", and "E" in them, right?

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