Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Dems Stupidly Telegraphed. McCain OODA'd

Well, no WONDER he threw them for a loop (PUN THERE!!)

How overrated was the Plouffe-Axelrod genius factor? A few weeks ago, Team Obama posted a page with the title, "The Next Cheney," featuring oppo-research material on nine potential running-mate choices for McCain. In addition to the short-list names everyone knew -- Pawlenty, Ridge, Jindal, Romney -- Team Obama's roster also included such long shots as Carly Fiorina and FedEx CEO Fred Smith.

Guess who wasn't on that list? Sarah Palin.

Observe Orient Decide Act

HT: McCain (Not That One)

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Dan said...

Apparently, Obama doesn't read blogs. I saw her name mention quite a few times. Mostly, it was wishfull thinking, but the inofrmation was out there.