Tuesday, September 09, 2008

One Good Thing About Obama


I give the guy credit for this.

Gun sales are going boom around the country as gun owners and gun advocates brace for a potential Democrat in the White House for the first time in almost 10 years.

Democrats, meanwhile, say there's no reason to worry that presidential hopeful Barack Obama would attempt to curtail access to most guns, though that hasn't stopped the buying spree.

"You'd be surprised," said Jeff Mercer, manager of George's Pawn and Gun Shop on High Street. "It's people of all races, too. People are scared."

Across town at The Gun Doctor and More on Glencrest Lane, owner Bob Godell said he has also noticed a similar trend."We call it the Obama factor. People are very concerned that if a Democrat is elected they will see more restrictions on handguns and assault rifles." Godell said.

"I think as a result of that we have seen steady handgun sales, and there's been an increase in the sale of assault rifles like AK-47s, as well." .

So far, he's been good for the economy!

HT: Lott


J. Gravelle said...

I'll hafta go shopping.

The ex got my AK and the Mossberg.

Needless to say, I've never been late with her check...


Amy said...

Yep. I'm getting my first firearm in case Obama wins. And I'm not handing it over...no matter what happens.

grumps said...

How very paranoid of you, Amy.

Amy said...

How very paranoid of you, Amy.

Nope - how very realistic. A blind man could look at what happened after the Heller ruling and see that even a SCOTUS ruling will not stop anti-2nd Amendment folk from denying us our right to bear arms.