Monday, September 08, 2008

Bp. Morlino Smacks SlipSlidin-Lyin-Joe Biden

Some Wisconsin Bishop had to do it. (Following is from a transcript of the recorded sermon.)

"Senator Biden does not understand the difference between articles of faith and natural law. Any human being regardless of his faith, his religious practice or having no faith.[... any] human being can reason the fact that human life from conception unto natural death is sacred. Biology not faith, not philosophy, not any kind of theology[.] Biology tells us science [sic] that at the moment of conception there exists a unique individual of the human species.

"It’s not a matter of what I might believe [or] what my faith might teach me. What other people might … Science the best science says at the moment of conception there is a unique individual of the human species."

The Bishop does give Biden a bit of room:

"I believe that after the Council some theologians, probably some priests, and some bishops allowed him to be confused about this matter. It’s not pretty."

Yah. You got that straight, Excellency.


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