Monday, September 08, 2008

I Love Little Old Ladies....Except...

...except when they're driving past their God-given mileage limit.

Wound up behind one today, eastbound on North Avenue between Brookfield Road and Calhoun. Most of that stretch is 2 lanes, and the little old lady was carefully staying behind a bicyclist (who, to his credit, was clocking along at ~25 mph, only 10 under the limit.)

When North Avenue becomes a 4 lane divided road, I figured the Little Old Lady would get into the left lane and pass the bike.


The poor, befuddled, old sweetie decided to drive right down the dividing-line between the two eastbound lanes and STILL remain behind the bicyclist. That way no one could pass her on either side--nor could anyone in the (rapidly-growing) line of vehicles behind her approach the 35 mph speed limit.

Finally, at the KX/M stoplight, the old lady decided to get into the left lane, and I was able to get into the right lane and get around her. The biker turned south on Calhoun.

Looking into my mirror about 3/4 mile east of the intersection, there was Little Old Lady, leading a parade of cars at 25 mph....



Headless Blogger said...

That dear lady may be related to the one I saw on westbound Capital Drive, preparing to exit to Hwy 174.

As she slowed to 20 mph in the right hand lane (55 mph speed limit), she didn't merge onto the off ramp until the very end. By then I had gone around her on the right (my excuse - it wasn't obvious to me that she would ever exit at that ramp).

By the time I got to bottom of that long ramp, she was still near the top with a long line of cars behind her.

GOR said...

One of the reasons I wouldn't want to live in Florida...!