Monday, September 08, 2008

The Most Intellectual Candidate

Roeser deals with The Most Intellectually Gifted O-and-Savior:

This despite Obama declared Selma, Alabama “got me born” when Selma came in 1965, four years after his birth…that his father was a goat herder when he was a privileged youth who went to work for the Kenyan government…that his family were freedom fighters when one of his half-brothers (one of a great list of half-siblings) crusaded for Odinga…that he claimed Barack is African Swahili when it is Arabic…that his school in Indonesia was Christian when it was not…that he was fluent in Indonesian when he was not and while he was there from ages 6 to 10 couldn’t speak the language…that an “Ebony” or “Life” magazine article on a black man trying to turn his skin white led him to want to run for office to achieve change when no article has been found. …that he claimed he was a constitutional lawyer when he was a senior lecturer on leave…

For an Innerlekshul, he has a crappy memory.

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