Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stupid Wisconsin Law (Duh!)

This is going national--it ran on Fox6 last night.

We don't quite have enough government to have reached the socialist ideal, whereby society resembles a well-manicured lawn, with no blade of grass allowed to grow any higher than the others. An example is 8-year-old guitar prodigy Tallan "T-Man" Latz, who seems to have gotten on older players' nerves by outperforming them.

But we do have enough government so that virtually all human activity violates one regulation or another, permitting those who excel to be brought down to size. Jealous musicians have apparently ratted out T-Man for violating child labor laws, so that he's not allowed to play the blues in clubs anymore.

Intones bureaucretin Jennifer Ortiz of Wisconsin's Equal Rights Division:

Well, the law prohibits it, and the Legislature enacted the laws to protect the health, safety and welfare of all children.

Don't forget, as the government boot stamps down on your face: it's for your own health, safety, and welfare.

Apparently the kid's followers leave the venue as soon as he's done playing, which irritates other performers, who blew the whistle.

The question is simple: his FATHER accompanies him on his gigs.

So is the State of Wisconsin more protective than the kid's own FATHER?

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Headless Blogger said...

Is his real name Harrison Bergeron?