Monday, August 11, 2008

The "No-Knock" in Maryland: Another "Process" Win

Talk about utterly stupid cops...

Prince George's County cops executed a "no-knock" raid on the home of a small-town Mayor. It was not......ahhh......well-researched, and the cops killed at least one of the Mayor's dogs during the attack.

The following are excerpts from the letter the victim sent to the Department of Justice, which has spurred an FBI investigation of Prince George's County officials.

My mother-in-law was made to lie face-down on the floor in the kitchen, several feet away from where Payton [the family dog, shot by the cops] was bleeding to death. Her hands were restrained with plastic handcuffs behind her back. She laid there on the floor with her head held down by police so that she could only see Payton’s lifeless body for a considerable period of time.

...Georgia [the Mayor's wife] was questioned by a detective named Kim, who in the course of her questioning managed to talk on her cell phone and to make a veterinary appointment for her dog. Georgia overheard Kim tell her friend that, this was her first raid and that it was "exciting" because it was the mayor’s house.

The cops did NOT have a "no-knock" warrant, although there are some wrinkles in the laws which arguably permitted the action.

Once again, we have "the Process" defeating common sense.

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