Saturday, August 02, 2008

Like Readers? Dump SiteMeter

Looks like SiteMeter crossed swords with Microsoft. Maybe they were anticipating IE8 going to general release this weekend.

In any case, if your blog uses SiteMeter, your audience which uses Internet Explorer 7 (and its variant, Yahoo Explorer) are not able to read your offerings.

Wiggy and The Egg (among others) caught this and dumped SiteMeter. The Egg thinks downloading IE8Beta and choosing to emulate IE7 is a viable workaround.

Others, who can only be called bigots, screech "FIREFOX!! FIREFOX!!"

Of course, you can give up readership, too.


capper said...

Or just wait a couple hours for them to fix it. You still can't go to sitermeter's site, but you can access blogs with sitemeter still attached with an IE and Yahoo browser.

Panic much?

Jeff Miller said...

I would have thought the reasonable approach would be to dump IE, while IE7 is improved over the dangerous IE6 it is still a memory hog. This Sitemeter bug affected one browser and one browser only.

FF3 is much better along with Opera.

Dad29 said...


See, being in the private sector means that we have a sense of urgency.

Not panic. Just fix it!

Jeff, there's no good reason to dump IE. It's easier to dump SiteMeter. I would have, but I'm using StatCounter.

steveegg said...

Sitemeter did a Friday night bad code dump that blew out all the released versions of IE from 5.5 on. They apparently don't have a night staff, so the problem sat unfixed until Saturday afternoon. Perfectly acceptable in government practice; unforgivable in the business world.

What IE8(B1) did that the released versions did not do was ignore that error if it came from a third-party site (i.e. a blog with SiteMeter on it). It still blew up at SM's site.

For the record, I blew out SM quite a while ago (replacing it with StatCounter), and with the fix from SM, I'm back to IE7 powering my feed readers (less-buggy overall than beta).