Saturday, August 02, 2008

Bad Advice from USCC?

Well, here we go, folks.

Evidently the notorious (exposed) fraud and liar Cdl. McCarrick has his fingerprints all over the USCC's upcoming Catholic "voters' guide," --thus it will license voting for the most bloodthirsty politician in the Presidential race--the One-and-Presumptuous. From Roeser:

...the outline of the U. S. Catholic bishops proposed document “Forming Consciences of Faithful Citizenship” bears “the imprint of the finely manicured and perfumed hand of one who has long been regarded as the most prominent liberal of the U.S. episcopate. ”

The document pays lip service to abortion as “an intrinsic evil” equal to racism but would have the bishops say a Catholic may vote for an abortion rights supporter such as Barack Obama who from his Illinois legislature days is the only Democratic U.S. senator on record as opposing any methods to use nutrition or medical care to save the life of a baby born live from a botched abortion

But we dare not use the term "holocaust", right?

Bear in mind, this is just a draft--and is likely a "trial balloon," just as much as any other Democrat (or Republican) position. If enough actual Catholics push back, the draft may be changed--a tiny, tiny, bit.

Oh, yah, as to the "liar and fraud" stuff above?

[McCarrick's] nadir came when he disseminated a letter from Josef Cardinal Ratzinger prior to his becoming Benedict XVI to the bishops which McCarrick represented as discouraging any attempt to deny Communion to a pro-abort Catholic politician. Later it was discovered the letter McCarrick distributed was an altered and inaccurate representation of Ratzinger’s views which were just the opposite. It was a bare-faced fraud

Some wonder why the Bishops have credibility problems difficulty raising money.

Others merely read the news, and do not wonder at all.

HT: Roeser

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