Friday, August 01, 2008

Like Airplanes?

Due to an unexpected and VERY kind offer from the Asian Badger, I took a little trip yesterday to the AirVenture in Oshkosh.

It helps to have a knowledgeable guide, folks.

Offhand, I counted about 1 zillion airplanes, some of which were smaller than my car--and got better gas-mileage, by the way. (No, not the gliders, smartass...)

Some, of course, do NOT get very good mileage--think TriMotors, B-29s, and F-22's.

People-watching, usually the best part of events like this, was actually tied with checking out the aircraft, avionics displays, and getting solid info from AB.

Sadly, neither of us whipped out the Amex card; there were some real bargains there. Like the fold-up-to-fit-into-your-garage number for only $85K (plus tax.) And the doesn't-fold-up-to-fit-in-your-garage jets for only a little over $2 million, delivered.

But then, I don't know where AB is today. He could be back up there with that Amex of his...

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Billiam said...

If I didn't hate crowds so much, I'd go. I love WWII aircraft.