Friday, August 01, 2008

John McCain Described

Once again, the Best Snark in the Country, Planet Moron, this time on John McCain:

...the candidate tends not to listen to the people around him, preferring to go off on unrelated tangents, saying whatever comes to mind at the moment without regard to previous preparations or the appropriateness of the circumstances.

Yes, your crazy old uncle is running for President.

Yah, hey.

The good news is that with Global Warming and all, pretty soon the North Pole will be available for colonization.

And since no one is currently using it, some enterprising folks could simply swipe the Constitution of the US and put it in place up there in a totally new country!


Jeff Miller said...

Great I always wanted a President who would say "Get off my White House lawn"

Anonymous said...

Too bad McCain didn't win in '00. If the Shrub hadn't used his religious allies to debase the old coot, ole McCain might have steered us in a much different direction. At least he has a backbone when it comes to religious intolerance.