Wednesday, August 06, 2008

House Pubbies Tell GWB What They REALLY Think

Our President, now wagging his finger at PRChina (fat lotta good that will do...) is coming in for some well-deserved fire from House Republicans who wanted him to call the question on energy legislation.

Thad McCotter (R-MI):

“Perhaps our Compassionate Conservative in Chief will bring our absent Democrat Congress some ‘Made in (communist) China’ souvenir T-shirts: ‘Bush went to Beijing and all I got was this lousy five week, paid vacation."

The statement continues: "Bon voyage, Mr. Bush. House Republicans will fight on for America."

The lame " won't make a difference" statement from the lame White House doesn't cut it. The President deliberately ran away from an issue--and from American citizens who are stuck paying the price--

And he has no excuse whatsoever for doing it.

We commented before on this--in slightly more aggressive terms.

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