Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Anthrax Guy: Guess Which Party He Votes For?

You don't need to guess, actually.

Since the MSM didn't mention it, it is obvious.

Every election and primary since 1996...


3rd Way said...

I couldn't find the answer to your question in the link.

He tried to kill two Democratic pro-choice legislators, and he was known to write right leaning letters to the editor.

Did he not vote Republican?

Dad29 said...


Democrat all the way.

3rd Way said...

He voted for Democrats then tried to kill them. Interesting strategy.

Dad29 said...

Clearly, the guy was in need of a straitjacket--

There's a great deal of controversy over the FBI's conclusions, too.

3rd Way said...

I would like to see this guy get his day in court. It is too bad he isn't going to get a chance to defend himself posthumously. From what I have heard his lawyer sounds like he can make a pretty good defense.