Friday, August 08, 2008

Catholics By the Orders

Well, mostly by the orders:

During a colloquium, a number of priests from different orders are gathered in a church for Vespers.

While they are praying, a fuse blows and all the lights go out.

The Benedictines continue praying from memory, without missing a beat.

The Jesuits begin to discuss whether the blown fuse means they are dispensed from the obligation to pray Vespers.

The Franciscans compose a song of praise for God's gift of darkness.

The Dominicans revisit their ongoing debate on light as a signification of the transmission of divine knowledge.

The Carmelites fall into silence and slow, steady breathing.

The parish priest looks for a flashlight, finds the basement and replaces the fuse.

That's more real than you think...

HT: Scelata


Billiam said...

True, but it brought a smile t'me face, so it did...

John Foust said...

How many Roman Catholics does it take to change a light bulb?

None. Candles only.

Change? In the Church? I think not!

Two - one to screw it in, and another to repent.

Two, one to do it and a priest to hear him confess and give the old bulb last rites.

They don't. It's been like that for 2000 years and there's no precedent for lightbulb changing.

Three, but they're really only one.

Four. The pope who makes the decision to change the light bulb. A Cardinal who hands down the pope's directive to the local bishop. The local bishop who orders the priest or pastoral assistant to change the bulb.

I left out the naughty ones, but they were pretty funny. You could always google "How many Catholic priests does it take to screw in a light bulb?" if you were curious. One ends "We'll never know the answer, the Vatican will just cover it all up."

Anonymous said...

How many priests grab the nearest altar boys, under cover of darkness?