Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Which College for Your Kids?

Here's a hint:

Hillsdale College students may soon have a place to store and shoot their firearms.

About 72 acres of land, roughly three miles south of campus on Bankers Road will open as a shooting range this fall, Hillsdale College officials said this week. The range will open initially without frills, though building storage areas for firearms is part of the long-term vision for the range.

...The first phase of the shooting range, anticipated to debut in September, will include temporary traps at the range site with 100-target capacity and the resources necessary for some physical education classes on target shooting. Péwé said the college also plans to purchase ammunition, targets, safety equipment and several shotguns to start Hillsdale College's shooting program.

So--an A.B. .22? How about a Masters' in Trap?

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