Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Van Hollen Was Right

As one would suspect, the more that one knows, the worse Ms. Kelly looks.

Agent Jim Sielehr told investigators that Kelly loudly discussed her displeasure with Van Hollen in a crowded Madison restaurant just after the attorney general announced the retirement of Jim Warren, former chief of the Justice Department’s Division of Criminal Investigation. Warren, who led the division for 10 years, was Kelly’s boss and friend.

“Kelly engaged in a loud rant against the attorney general over the Warren matter,” Sielehr told investigators. “People could hear. . . . She was using profanity and showing her disdain for the administration. She called the Van Hollen administration ‘(expletive) idiots,’ that they were a joke and said that everything J.B. had just told us was a complete lie.”

One could overlook a one-time rant; but it was not "one-time."

Records show Kelly became more openly critical of Van Hollen’s top aides after Warren chose to retire instead of accepting a transfer to run a different division — a move Warren considered a demotion.

The records also suggested there was a troubled culture in the Division of Criminal Investigation under Warren, who declined to comment Tuesday.

For example, Robbie Lowery, director of the division’s Gaming Bureau, told investigators: “Kelly did not work well with anybody, in my opinion, but she was in Warren’s ‘lunch crowd,’ and I was not. There were two camps in DCI — the people that Warren would speak to and everyone else."

What you had here was a cancer problem--not unlike what shows up in professional athletic teams now and then.

Best treatment: surgery. That's what Van Hollen did.

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