Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Noonan to Go All Obama?

So opines Roeser:

Judging from her columns in the “Wall Street Journal,” get ready for Peggy Noonan to be the next to defect to Barack Obama. The White House, you see, didn’t make her director of communications despite her taking a leave to campaign for Bush in 2004…so the posy, highly artificial scribe who is a gifted wordsmith grew discontented and started kicking about the callousness and political obtuseness of the White House.

At the same time she has been very caustic about Hillary Clinton, almost to the point where her rants against the first woman to make a serious run for the White House seem like gender self-hatred. Her gushiness about Obama seems very like the early “thoughtful” parsing Doug Kmiec did for Obama before he defected.

Not a word from either on the great dichotomy between Obama and pro-life, an issue which both Kmiec and Noonan profess adherence to. The war…the economy…the need to ingratiate ourselves with foreign nations and not be hated…global warming-all seem of equal weight which means that if they are all equal, it’s easy to come down on the side of Obama on sheer numbers of equal issues alone.

Watch for Dear Peggy to follow the exit route and shake her golden tresses in the limelight as an Obama devotee.

Her unhappiness with GWB has been very obvious in the last few weeks; some of her criticisms have been over the top. It's one thing to say that GWB was incapable of assembling and articulating a coherent policy on X or Y (or Iraq.) It's another thing to buy, whole, the McCallum book.

However, she DID fairly criticize Bush for bringing McCallum to the White House. One expects that Bush agrees with her--now.

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