Tuesday, June 10, 2008

McCain's REAL Challenge

His real challenge is NOT winning the election. It's more important.

...other run-ins with conservatives, some Republicans say, have revealed the depth of the challenge facing McCain: mollifying Republican constituencies that have distrusted many of his policy positions, in order to build the machinery needed to push voters to the polls in November.

If McCain tried to gather his volunteers in Ohio, "you could meet in a phone booth," said radio host Bill Cunningham, who attacks the Arizona senator regularly on his talk show. "There's no sense in this part of Ohio that John McCain is a conservative or that his election would have a material benefit to conservatism."

So reports the LATimes, in an article describing a dreadful meeting between an Ohio conservative and McCain's people.

HT: Rich Leonardi

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m.z. said...

If you recall, this is the same Cunningham who was happy to pimp a McCain event and off the "red meat" (his words) of repeatedly saying "Barack Hhhhuuuusssseeeiiiinnn Obama" to the gathered crowd. McCain disavowed Cunningham doing that, and Cunningham has been bitter ever since. That isn't to say there isn't some substance to Cunningham's more recent remarks. He just isn't the best source for them.